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What Kind of Peace Are You Looking For?

What Does It Mean to Be “Fully Awake"?

Are we fully awake to the reason behind the chaos and violence that has exploded in this country and around the world today? Or are we still half-dozing, thinking we know everything and it’s all going to turn out fine. You may say “We only have to trust the government  to do their job and we’ll get back to our ‘new’ normal soon”. If you believe this then you’re not cognizant or truly informed of the true problems permeating this world which is seemingly imploding at an alarming speed.
We cannot depend on mere man’s ability-strength, wealth, or wisdom to solve our universal quandary. After all it is the wicked vices of the human race that has brought us to the brink of destruction. Of course, if you’ve read Revelation then you should know how this present trouble is going to end. Your only true dilemma is in choosing which side you’re on. And I’m not talking about the illuminati, politics, or race either. Ultimately there’s one human race and o…

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