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A Kingdom Beyond Description

The Kingdom of God or Heaven-how would you describe it? The first things that many people think of are the gates of pearl and the street of gold. (Revelations 21:21) Some believers talk about the mansions that Jesus left to prepare for us. Yet they misunderstand the meaning of 'mansions'. Its true meaning in this context is an abode or dwelling place.
Other people try to describe Heaven by listing the things that will not be there. No sorrow. No death. And there'll be no need of the sun. (Revelations 22:5) What else will be there? Angels and the crystal sea/river of life. All the redeemed from every kindred, tongue, and nation. They will be worshiping Jesus Christ, the Lord of lords and King of kings for eternity.
How glorious the sight and the sound for those counted worthy to enter the Kingdom. God's children gathered together to live eternally in the presence of their Father. We cannot fathom the ultimate splendor of Heaven. Very few have seen a glimpse of it from t…

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